Fluid reservoirs mounted under the hood/body are subject to frequent temperature changes that cause expansion and contraction. Altitude changes can cause pressure differentials that can pull contaminants of all types – water, dirt, dust, debris and automotive fluids – into the reservoir, compromising its performance and that of related systems.

As an additional hurdle, new fluid reservoir designs must also be resistant to water spray and/or splash to ensure long term reliability.

Our vents offer long-term resistance to urea crystal growth, for reliable and sustained equalization of reservoir pressures. In addition, our vents provide:

  • water ingress protection
  • particulate protection, preventing entry of dust, dirt and debris
  • resistance to automotive fluids including, car wash fluids, and lubricants

Gore engineered venting products can provide a single venting solution for fluid reservoir venting needs, including urea reservoirs for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. Additionally, our vents’ low profile construction can simplify attachment during production.

As a result, our vents for fluid reservoirs can contribute to reduced unit costs - and enhanced reliability.

Product Specifications

GORE® Automotive Vents for Fluid Reservoirs are extensively tested, evaluated and qualified to perform consistently and reliably.

We offer a selection of vents designed especially for Urea/SCR applications.

GORE AVS 90, AVS 92, AVS 93, AVS 94, AVS 95 AVS 90, -92, -93, -94 & -95:
Low-profile vents reliably equalize pressures and resist damage from direct urea exposure, to extend reservoir service life. Five sizes available, for fast, easy weldable installation.

Please view our current Data Sheet for more detailed product information.



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